1. New video work for HR Solutions

    Date 30 Oct 2018
    HR Solutions, a collaboration between myself, Oggi Tomic and Mia Zur-Szpiro is now able to be viewed on my vimeo. It’s comprised of two short videos about the benefits of HR consultancy. Assheton, the owner of Cambridge HR Solutions and London HR Solutions, travels all over the world providing support to anyone from summer schools…

  2. Martyn Dawes for the Financial Times

    Date 17 Oct 2018
    The Financial Times interviewed Martyn Dawes on life as an entrepreneur after exiting business and asked me to produce a photography to accompany the article. We explored Borough Market and experimented with a variety of natural lighting before deciding on this final image.

  3. Lloyds Bank Business

    Date 11 Oct 2018
    “This transition is going to be bloody. Expert @GabrielleWalk3r explains how business can be on the winning side when it comes to sustainability…” A video we filmed with the The Alpha Grid and the Financial Times for Lloyds about investment opportunities that also take the planet into consideration is live and…

  4. ‘Terp Life

    Date 20 Aug 2018
    This weekend was spent driving to Birmingham to photograph a training course for British Sign Language Interpreters who are looking to work in legal settings such as police interviews and court cases. This is an interesting job as the Interpreter needs to stay neutral and act as the Deaf defendant’s…

  5. Parliament Square Rally

    Date 13 Aug 2018
    Clarion UK were supplying the British Sign Language Interpreting for Women’s March London during the rally in Parliament Square. Speeches were motivational, protests were peaceful and the signs were creative. 

  6. SoMo x London

    Date 17 Jul 2018
    I asked my favourite podcast stars to pose as my muses and inspiration for a SoMo campaign. Amy and Sophie founded Podcast Goals and together they are a delight to photograph.

  7. Doc in a Day

    Date 06 Jul 2018
    “Jeanne-Claude and I, we do these things for ourselves. If somebody likes it, it’s only a bonus…It’s totally irrational and useless. But Jeanne-Claude and I like to do them”This week I took the opportunity to partake in London Documentary Network’s competition, Doc in a Day. The weekend involved meeting at…

  8. It’s About Time Music Video

    Date 02 Jul 2018
    This week we signed off a 1990’s inspired music video for the new track, “It’s About Time” by Great Northern Hotel featuring Lilly Krupa. The video features the singer, Lilly Krupa, expressing her emotional frustrations in a studio with trippy, ghostly effects and nostalgic, VHS-style clips. You can view the video here:

  9. Brutalist Location Scouting

    Date 28 Jun 2018
    I spent the day scouring London for iconic brutalist architecture for a fashion shoot, many locations were well known for reasons other than brutalism but once inspected closely were a wealth of angles and concrete. The Barbican Centre was first on the list which was beautiful but crowded. Then I had my…

  10. Directing

    Date 02 Jun 2018
    This week I directed and produced a short video about the benefits of HR consultancy. Assheton, the owner of Cambridge HR Solutions, travels all over the world providing support to anyone from summer schools to the Afghan police. I had a great team around me, with Oggi Tomic on the…

  11. Nomads Jewellery

    Date 30 May 2018
    During a day trip, I took the opportunity to test out the 50mm Canon lens with my new Fotodiox Pro Adapter and Sony a7Sii in this self proclaimed, Alladin’s cave of a Jewellery store. More images are available on my instagram page.

  12. Back to Moodboards

    Date 30 May 2018
    Drawing on my favourite prep activity, I have been developing a few mood boards for a photo shoot involving fashion, London architecture and entrepeneurial women. This is an exciting, creative project that allows me to reflect on my muses and explore brutalist locations around the city. 

  13. Location Scouting in Cambridge

    Date 13 May 2018
    After spending one day visiting fourteen different venues in Cambridge, I narrowed it down two three viable options for a simple video shoot involving four interviews. All within budget, all within a reasonable distance for the contributors and most happy to accommodate. Pictured here is Garden Room in the Tamburlaine Hotel…

  14. Doll Cat Pvssy

    Date 01 Mar 2018
    I spoke to the savvy Doll Cat Pvssy about her writing, blogging and modelling as research for a new documentary project. Doll Cat’s attitude and opinions are seen as controversial to some but her honest accounting of her experiences defiantly paves the way for some women who may be questioning how they…

  15. FiveAI - Edinburgh

    Date 31 Jan 2018
    The team and I ventured North to the FiveAI Edinburgh office to interview the engineers working there about how they are building a safe, driverless car solution. This was the second time we had the pleasure of working with FiveAI and a second chance to learn about the world of AI and robotics.  FiveAI is building…

  16. Shooting for System of Motion

    Date 22 Dec 2017
    I loved incorporating London architecture with fashion photography for this shoot with Prabha Rathinasabapathy to promote her brand System of Motion.  This shoot involved coming full circle back my roots in fashion/portraiture photography and made me look forward to giving London my full attention next year. The photography accompanied an article…

  17. FiveAI - Driving Autonomy

    Date 12 Dec 2017
    FiveAI is building the “world’s most reliable autonomous vehicle software stack”. Their goal is to create driverless cars that are safe for everyone, especially in busy environments such as cities.  We headed to their Cambridge office to speak to engineers about what they do on a daily basis and what it’s like to…

  18. British Sign Language Informative Videos

    Date 30 Sep 2017
    This year (2017) I have spent three days per week working for Clarion UK Interpreting Agency & Disability Support, creating content and managing social media. This month, we created a three-part series explaining the role of British Sign Language Interpreters in educational settings for the benefit of the students, teachers…

  19. Nasty Women

    Date 28 Sep 2017
    NASTY WOMEN Self proclaimed Nasty Women UK hosted an event at Stour Space to raise funds for End Violence Against Women and raised £7500 in total. The space was adorned with art for sale, donated from a wide variety of female artists, highlighting controversial perspectives and mixed media aplenty. The bare walls outside were covered in a mural,…

  20. Miru 3D

    Date 24 Sep 2017
    Entrepreneur Bill Haynes saw a gap in the market when it came to real estate and visualising space without having to visit in person. He set up Miru3D to capture realistic descriptions of living spaces and he specialises in boats. We spent an afternoon capturing what he does and how for an…

  21. Herstory at Stour Space, London

    Date 21 Sep 2017
    “Herstory is a participatory project that straddles art, activism and education, it uses feminist art to engage people of all genders with the women’s history that has been systematically left out.” Herstory UK held a special workshop at Stour Space in collaboration with Nasty Women UK to raise funds for End Violence…

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